Best Areas in Tignes

Situated at an altitude of 2,100 meters, Tignes is renowned for its high-altitude skiing and reliable snow conditions, making it a favourite among both beginners and seasoned skiers. The resort is divided into several districts, including Tignes Le Lac, Tignes Val Claret, Tignes Le Lavachet, Tignes Les Boisses and Les Brevieres.

Tignes Le Lac

Tignes Le Lac offers a range of accommodations catering to diverse preferences. From cozy chalets to self-catered apartments, visitors can find lodging suitable for different budgets.

The village boasts a variety of dining options, from traditional Savoyard cuisine to international fare. Explore cozy cafes, vibrant bars, and restaurants with lakeside views. The après-ski scene is lively, making it an ideal spot for socializing and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

As part of the Espace Killy ski area, Tignes Le Lac provides easy access to a vast ski domain. Ski schools are available for beginners, and advanced skiers can explore challenging pistes. Additionally, the village is well-connected to the resort’s terrain parks and off-piste options, catering to freestyle enthusiasts.

Tignes Val Claret

Tignes Val Claret offers a diverse array of accommodations, ensuring a comfortable stay for every preference. From charming mountainside chalets to a range of self-catered apartments, visitors can select lodging that suits various budgets and preferences.

The resort village boasts an eclectic dining scene, featuring everything from traditional Savoyard cuisine to international flavors. Explore inviting cafes, lively bars, and restaurants with picturesque views of the surroundings. Val Claret’s après-ski ambiance is vibrant, creating an ideal setting for socializing and immersing oneself in the lively atmosphere.

As an integral part of the expansive Espace Killy ski area, Tignes Val Claret provides convenient access to an extensive skiing domain. Ski enthusiasts of all levels can benefit from the presence of ski schools for beginners and challenging pistes for advanced skiers. The village is also well-connected to the resort’s terrain parks and off-piste options, catering to the preferences of freestyle enthusiasts.

Tignes Le Lavachet

Tignes Le Lavachet, situated just outside Tignes Le Lac and adjacent to the picturesque Tignes Lake, offers a more serene atmosphere compared to Le Lac. The hamlet features a variety of accommodation options, including apartment blocks, hotels, and a few charming chalets.

In the evening, you have the choice of a select few restaurants and bars in the town, perfect for savoring the local après-ski scene or indulging in a traditional Savoyard meal. With a reliable bus service running throughout the night, exploring different areas of the Tignes resort for the evening is easily accessible.

Whether in winter or summer, Le Lavachet is an excellent location. Its prime position and quieter ambiance allow you to fully appreciate everything the mountains have to offer.

Tignes Les Boisses (1800)

Nestled in Tignes resort, Tignes Les Boisses 1800, just a short distance from Tignes Le Lac, offers a tranquil escape by the picturesque Tignes Lake. Accommodations range from stylish apartments to charming chalets, ensuring a delightful stay.

As the sun sets, Tignes Les Boisses 1800 comes alive with curated restaurants and bars, perfect for après-ski or savoring traditional Savoyard meals. A reliable night bus service allows easy exploration of the Tignes resort.

Whether in winter or summer, this village provides a serene atmosphere to appreciate the mountains’ beauty, making Tignes Les Boisses 1800 an exceptional destination for a memorable Alpine experience.

Tignes Les Brévières

Tignes Les Brévières, nestled within the expansive Tignes resort, offers a peaceful escape near Tignes Le Lac. Situated by the charming Tignes Lake, the village features a range of accommodations, including cozy apartments and inviting chalets, providing a delightful stay.

As daylight fades, Tignes Les Brévières reveals a handful of select restaurants and bars, ideal for après-ski or enjoying authentic Savoyard cuisine. A reliable night bus service facilitates exploration of different areas in the Tignes resort during the evening.

Whether blanketed in winter snow or bathed in summer sunshine, Tignes Les Brévières provides a serene ambiance, allowing you to fully appreciate the majestic mountains. With its tranquil setting, this village becomes an exceptional destination for a memorable Alpine experience in any season.