Driving to Tinges

A complete guide to driving to Tignes

Crossing the Channel from Folkestone to Calais via the Eurotunnel takes around 35 minutes, offering a convenient and efficient way to reach France. Prices for a return journey typically range from £100 to £150, depending on factors such as vehicle size and time of booking. Alternatively, the ferry takes 90 mins to two hours but tends to be slightly cheaper. The ferry can offer you a nice break especially when returning to the UK.

Once in France, the journey to Tignes covers approximately 880 kilometers of scenic roads, with the drive taking about 8 to 10 hours. One of the recommended routes includes taking the A26 and A1 towards Reims, then transitioning onto the A4 towards Metz and Nancy. From there, continue on the A31 towards Dijon before joining the A6 towards Lyon. Finally, take the A43 towards Chambery, where you’ll find signs directing you to Tignes.

Be prepared for toll fees of approximately £50 to £80 along the route, as well as varying fuel costs depending on your vehicle’s efficiency and current prices. It’s crucial to ensure readiness for mountainous driving conditions, particularly during winter, by equipping your vehicle with snow chains or winter tires.

When arriving at Tignes, parking facilities are available within the resort area. Many accommodations offer on-site parking for guests, but it’s advisable to confirm parking availability and any associated fees with your chosen accommodation prior to arrival. Additionally, there are public parking lots available in Tignes, although availability may vary depending on the season.

To stay informed about driving regulations and any updates in France, utilize resources such as France Diplomatie and the European Commission’s Road Safety website. Familiarize yourself with French driving laws, including speed limits, alcohol limits, and mandatory equipment requirements, to ensure a safe and compliant journey.

Upon arrival in Tignes, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking beauty of the French Alps, with ample opportunities to indulge in skiing and other winter sports amidst the stunning landscapes. Take advantage of the resort’s amenities and enjoy an unforgettable ski getaway in this picturesque destination.