Meribel & 3 Valley Ski Lift Passes Winter 2021-22

Unfortunately this winter we will not be selling lift passes to our clients.

We will resume this service in 2022-23 once we are out of the pandemic, we apologies to our clients who are used to this service. It actually costs us to process the lift passes and we can’t absorb that cost this year.

Meribel resort and the Three Valleys links are provisionally open from December 5th 2020 – April 25th 2021. In the first and last week of the season there will be certain lifts shut dependent on the weather.

There are various different types of ski passes you can buy depending on your age, your group size and the length of time you’re skiing for. You can also buy Three Valleys passes or Meribel Valley only passes, depending on how much access you want. The standard length pass is a 6-day pass starting the day after you arrive and ending the day before you leave. If you arrive early into resort, or leave late, and want to ski on a travel day you will need a 7-day pass.


Individual prices for 6 and 7 days passes:
Age No. of days Three Valleys Meribel
Child under 5 N/A FREE FREE
Child 5 - 12 days 6 days $249.60 $209.00
7 days $288.80 $236.20
Adult 13 - 64 years 6 days $312.00 $260.00
7 days $361.00 $294.00
Senior 65 - 74 years 6 days $280.80 $234.00
7 days $324.90 $264.60
Senior 75 years + N/A FREE FREE
Discount passes 6 and 7 days:

We exclusively offer 10% off the price of lift passes booked through us on all adult lift passes for 6 days or more. This exclusive discount makes the price of the pass cheaper than a Tribu pass. The offer applies to non-peak weeks of the season.

Age No. of days Three Valleys Meribel
Adult 13 - 64 years 6 days $280.80 $234.00
7 days $324.90 $264.60
Group passes 6 and 7 days:
Type Requirement No. of days Three Valleys Meribel
Duo 2 adults 6 days $302.00 $253.00
7 days $351.00 $287.00
Tribu 3+ adults 6 days $297.00 $250.00
7 days $346.00 $284.00
Family 2 adults and 2 + children 6 days $249.60 $209.00
7 days $288.80 $236.20
Easy Rider Daily Pass:

If you only want access to the beginner slopes of Meribel, then you can also buy an ‘Easy Rider’ pass. These can only be bought one day at a time, so you must buy a new pass every day. If you are getting lessons, make sure to check before you buy the pass that this will be sufficient for your lessons.

Easy Rider Pass - Meribel Valley 2019/20
Any age Price Per Person
1 Day $29.00
Three Valleys extension daily pass:

If you buy just a Meribel Valley pass, and then decide you would like to top up the pass to have access to the whole Three Valleys, you can buy a one-day extension on your current pass.

Age Price
Child 5 - 12 years $30.40
Adult 13 - 64 years $38.00
Senior 64 - 74 years $34.20
Season pass price:
You will need to take photo I.D. if you are buying a season pass. If you’re staying for more than four weeks, it might be cheaper to buy a season pass.
Age Price Meribel
Child under 5 FREE FREE
Child 5 - 12 years $1,068.80 $907.00
Adult 13 - 64 years $1,336.00 $1,130.00
Senior 65 - 74 years $1,202.40 $1,017.00
Senior 75 years + FREE FREE
Duo $1,296.00 $1,080.00
Tribu $1,276.00 $1,065.00
Family $1,068.80 $907.00
Pedestrian Passes:

For non-skiers, you can also get a pedestrian pass which allows you on certain lifts to go to certain restaurants and see the beautiful views without skiing!

Journey Price per person (any age)
1 journey $10
2 journeys $17
1 Day $24.50
6 Day $75.50
Saulire Express (includes access to La Folie Douce) $12
Carre Neige Insurance:

When buying your ski passes we really recommend buying carre neige insurance with your ski passes. Without it, they won’t pick you up off the mountain if you have an accident so it is really worth it. The price is simply added on to your pass per day, and is electronically added to the pass.

Days Price for any age
1 $2.90
6 $17.40
7 $20.30
Lift Pass Offices in Meribel

The easiest way to buy your lift passes is through our online booking system. Once ordered and paid for, we will deliver them to your property for your arrival so you have your lift passes waiting for you. (Please note that we cannot process season passes, free passes for under 5s or over 75s or pedestrian passes and for these you will need to visit a lift pass office).

You can also buy them online through the official site at

Or, you can visit one of the lift pass offices in Meribel:

  • La Chaudanne in Meribel Centre is the main lift pass office.
  • Meribel Village has its own lift pass office at the Golf Lift.
  • Meribel Mottaret also has its own lift pass office at the start of the Truite piste.
  • Meirbel le Rond Point.
Do the days of my ski pass have to be consecutive?

Yes. If you do not use your ski pass for one day, you can apply for a refund on those days, but at the time of purchase you must buy your lift pass in consecutive days. For example, if you buy a 5 day pass, you can ski five days in a row, but not ski three days with one day off and then ski two days after.

What pass should I buy if I’m coming in the first week of the season?

It will typically be discounted if there are less lifts open in the first or last week of the season, and so we recommend buying a regular Three Valleys pass.

Can I upgrade my pass to three valleys for one day?

Yes, you will just need to buy a 3V Extension Day for the days which you want to upgrade the pass to the three valleys.

Do I need a photo for my ski pass?

The only passes you need photos for are the free ones (for under 5s and over 75s) and season passes.

Do I have access to snowparks with my ski pass?

In Meribel you have access to the DC Area 43 Park, Elements Park and the Pattieres boardercross. There is also free access to the Courchevel family park, the Val Thorens park and the Les Menuires park in a Three Valleys pass.

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