Evolution 2 | Dog sledding | Tignes Val Claret

Dog sledding in Tignes

Dog sledding in Tignes offers a thrilling adventure amidst the stunning French Alps. With eager sled dogs leading the way, you’ll glide through snow-covered forests and open landscapes, guided by experienced mushers who share their passion and knowledge.

The experience is a harmonious blend of speed and nature, with panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and serene valleys. Stops along the way allow for interactions with the dogs, deepening your appreciation for these incredible animals.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned adventurer, Tignes offers tailored experiences for all skill levels. From leisurely rides to more challenging terrain, the adventure promises unforgettable memories and a newfound connection to the beauty of winter in the Alps.


1 or 2 people – maxi 180kg 135€

3 people (2 adults & 1 kids – 10 y.o) – max 180kg 170€

4 people (2 adults & 2 kids – 5 y.o) – max 180kg 189€


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